About the Artist

Sher Fick holds a BFA Painting/Sculpture (2006) from Middle Tennessee State University and has studied at the Santa Fe College of Art and The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. While living in the Florida Panhandle, Fick was nominated for the Cox/Bravo Channel’s Champion for the Arts Award. Fick’s work explores personal and cultural archeology utilizing encaustic, fiber, and mixed media. Regarding the recent work “Coping Skills” (fiber/wood/plexi-mirror/prescription bottle installation), Art Critic/Writer, Tonya Vernooy, notes that Fick’s work “examine[s] normality and the question of enhancement versus therapy . . . [t]he vibrancy and symbolism commemorating her past self and simultaneously rejoicing in the person these pharmaceuticals have allowed her to become”. Linda Weintraub states that the work ‘celebrates the success of [Fick’s] determined efforts to stitch the fractured parts of her personality into a coherent persona . . . Fick defies the stigma against the use of prescription drugs to assist women in becoming responsible and loving mothers. Art Critic David Maddox found Fick’s work, “dealing with childhood and domestic matters” handled in “ . . . a pleasurably lively manner” and that the materials were arranged in a “ . . . ceremonial and ritualistic” way.