Art Inspired by Holly Hobbie

written Tuesday night, Feb 19th

Here is the proof that buying vintage Holly Hobbie Fabric pays off:

Detail of COPING SKILLS (see Pages for Artist's Statement).

I am realizing more and more that my work is actually stronger the more autobiographical it is.  When I first began collecting fabrics I thought it was purely aesthetic, that I was drawn to the designs/colors/nostalgia. 

As with anything, the more you do and the more you practice, it gets better.  I really feel like my work is beginning to come into focus - almost as if I am manually using a lens to clarify my views and expressions.

Today was a hard day artistically - spent most of the day doing things that you don't really think of as "making art" - detailing the model of RAPUNZEL and tweaking the altar table for COPING SKILLS - just like motherhood I am multi-tasking.

Here are the jobs I did today:

1.  Daughter/sister while my mom was enduring another post-operative visit following her heart surgery (coordinating with siblings from hundreds of miles away)

2.  Model maker/Woodworker/Carpenter (here I am using my favorite tool - a Rotozip, a gift from my stepdad, Lloyd).

3.  Painter

4.  Sculptor

5.  Set Designer

6.  Furniture Mover

7.   Photographer and photographer's assistant

8.   Graphic artist (editing digital photos)

9.   Historian

10. Chauffeur

11.  Cook

12.  Maid goes on and on.........

The sense of accomplishment is making it, mostly, worth while.  But my back does ache!

For Art's Sake,