Finally Made a Web Banner!

I have been working on this web banner for at least a month now - it still doesn't stretch as far as I would like - but, it is there!

For some reason my insert image icon isn't working or I would add some alternative banners here - will try again later . . .

Just another professional job I do not feel fully capable of - the whole "graphic designer" jobs that are required of visual artists in this technological age.  But I do like the idea of being in control of my image and how I am presented to the world.  I have far to go in my graphic knowledge and really need to get back into the studio to work on RAPUNZEL - have been researching material and finally bought the wood yesterday. 

It was a huge boost to open the check from the museum - I feel very official now!!

Wish me luck - pictures to come soon - can't find my camera in the jumble of house, studio, and have been visiting family while my children were on Spring Break (but my hubby did take them to Disney for 3 days - I worked on art most of that time)!