Update on Rapunzel's Progress

Here is an update of my progress on Rapunzel's Tower:

This is an image of the gorgeous logo that Cheekwood Museum Art & Gardens has created for the exhibition - isn't it wonderful!??!!  Please visit their website at www.cheekwood.org for more press releases related to the exhibition. 

One of the great things about Cheekwood is that you hit every essence of visual art - botanical, visual, historical . . . it goes on and on - even the old stables have been re-used as installation and video exhibition spaces - and, even though it is an historical venue, they include gallery space for Contemporary Art as well.  Next year, along with a group of amazing women artists, I will be included in an exhibition "CARE: The Art & Science of Motherhood, a Bio-Ethical Debate" curated by Adam McCoy.  Please visit Cheekwood if you are anywhere NEAR Nashville, TN!

Upper level of Rapunzel's Tower, minus the roof and lower tower level, minus the 3-D sculpture of Rapunzel, and minus the portrait panels of the King, Queen, and Enchantress.


A view of the roof panels (uncut) with the custom-dyed glazes for the panels.

I also purchased all of the flag/banner material and have been working on the designs for the flag . . . busy, busy, busy!  It really came in handy to have kept all of my class materials from teaching Renaissance Art at the elementary school - I've even used the stencils from our Heraldry lessons.  Everyone always wonders why artists need so much storage space . . . my reply is - "to you it is junk, but to me it is an artist's treasure trove."

Just a few weeks to go!

For  Art's Sake,