Sketchbook Notes: 2000, words & excerpts

I am excavating some old sketchbooks while cleaning/unloading the new studio; here are some words/phrases I found in my 2000 Sketchbook:

descending day

ceremony of souls


mortal garden

shadow of sounds

the still hour

synagogue of the ear of the corn

unmourning water


my birthday began in water

This side of the truth

dust of the dead

a girl mad as birds

the guilty dark

possessed by the skies

the sun's tears

the moon's seeds

love broken wide

displaced truth

beneath my life

she walks the dust


the woman in shades

these are NOT my words, I am trying to cross-reference my book journal to see what book(s) I was reading at this time so that I can give credit to the appropriate author - but in no way am I claiming these are my phrases; I now am smart enough to initial it if it is my writing/original thought and to reference excerpts as I take notes . . .

(Shown is a work I did during this time-period, "Cadence III", oil/watercolor/paper/antique fabric, antique frame, now in the collection of Professor Lisa Rollins of Middle Tennessee State University).  About 24" X 18".