When It Rains, It Pours?!

As usual, life has overtaken my time and it is long past due for a new blog post.  Meh, WAY past due! 

So, Welcome to my New World - the Newly Renovated Website and the Third Incarnation of My Blog . . . now known as "SherFickArtBlog".  Easy Peasy, right?  Not so much, but it is over.

I still need to reformat a gazillion images for the website portfolio and that project was going fabulously

until last week when PPOOOFFF - my laptop screen and the entire laptop went dead . . . dead as a doornail.  "Of course I had backed all my files up, right?", you and every other person asked me innocently.

No.  I. Did. NOT. Back. Up.  Not for months.  Call me an idiot and you will be right!  So there is another Thousand Dollar Lesson learned.

I did manage to turn 11 yards of fabric into one great "Jedi-Sith Warrior Costume" for my 18 year old, Dylan.  It will be the last costume I ever sew for him (I hope).  Concurrently our home was riddled with the Plague of the Crud Cough - 3 children and myself, off and on for 2 weeks. 

Then, plus, I have managed to begin  on several commissions and there should be no problem (snort) finishing them by Thanksgiving for pre-Christmas delivery.  Now we are in frantic straights finalizing our plans for The Pool Art Fair in Miami, first weekend of December, 2010.  Woot!  [crowd cheers].

A day in the life . . . tomorrow after wee Claire boards the bus I will zip and zap to the retail boutique where I have some new work for sale so that I can deliver the very freshly [as I type] printed brochures they requested before opening at 10 a.m. [they are located South of me about 15 minutes], then it is zip zap zap to Nashville (35 minutes North of me) to pick up lunch and an art helper, head to the Chestnut Street Studios where we will repair and repack all of the work [7 artists' installations] for the Miami show, then try to beat my dear friend, Sockmonkey, home to my house where we will dine and wine and then leave for the Boonies Friday morning after Claire, once again boards the bus.  3 days in the Boonies, 3 crazies . . . I.  CAN'T.  WAIT.

Seriously, the crazy things I decided to do in October are numerous!  Here is another one, I decided to volunteer (i.e., to do for FREE and at my own expense as do MOST mothers) to make a 9 ft. back drop to enhance the 3rd grade play and ALSO to, the very next day, teach an art lesson to go along with the theme for the Fall Party:


It is all going to be OK, because this is wait awaits me  . . .

days hiking and listening to the wind blow.  Laughing with the dearest of friends.  Contemplation on what is the greatest oxymoron of all time - my vote, "A Quaker Tattoo". 


Somewhere in the next 24 hours I also plan on cooking up some Vegetable Soup and some Cookies to take with us . . . ?  perhaps?  Or do they have Costco in the Boonies?

What can I say, "When It Rains, It Pours".