Ladies First Exhibition Was Fabulous!

After many weeks of working on YOU MADE YOUR BED I & II, the unveiling occurred last Friday night at The Customs House Museum.

The installation on Tuesday, March 1st, had gone fabulously.  I was lucky enough to be available during press photo shoots and interviews.  Stacy Leiser, of The Leaf Chronicle, gave a fantastic interview and even included some of my quotes in her gorgeous article, Cebrate Women's Creativity.  The article, along with images by their photographer, Greg, really boosted the opening's attendance.

Here is a basic excerpt from Stacy Leiser's article, in case the link expires:

The artists included were asked to create a self portrait symbolizing how they see themselves as female artists at this moment in time. Sher Fick's piece for the show, "You Made Your Bed," features a grid of doll beds next to a quilt stitched irregularly from scraps of Hollie Hobby fabric and other patterns Fick associates with childhood. In two of the doll beds are tiny dolls, one a self-portrait of Fick, the other a portrait of her sister.

"I'm a little sentimental. I've never thought of myself totally as a feminist, but I make art about what I know," Fick said. "I'm a woman. I'm a mother. I was a little girl."

Fick is a former art teacher and mother of three children who now makes art in her home studio with the enthusiastic support of her husband.

"Doing art is therapeutic for me," she said. "If I don't do art I'm unhappy and grumpy."

Fick had a mysterious altar piece featured in "Modern Girls" at Customs House Museum last year, and like her new piece, it uses repetition for effect. Dozens of prescription medication bottles were used in both artworks, each pill bottle encased in a patchwork of fabric scraps.

"Basically, I feel like I put broken things back together," Fick said. "That's why I'm drawn to remnants, found objects, things most people throw away."

Among the artists featured in Ladies First are Camille Engel, named by Fine Art Connoisseur magazine as one of our nation's top three artists to watch, Alison Oakes, Sandra Paynter Washburn, Edie Maney, Mitzi Cross, Ludie Amos and Tammy Dohner.

I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to have so many women approach me and not only say that they "loved" my art, but that it "MEANT A LOT" to them that I did it, that I was "brave" for standing up for all the women who have been vilified for taking medications in order to maintain well-being.  (I always refer to Brooke Shields and her public denigration via Tom Cruise when she chose medication to treat her post-partum depression, which, literally, infuritated me).

I truly felt that I had fulfilled my purpose in creating the art.  I can't ask for more than that from my life . . . that I am moving towards my purpose, while at the same time growing children, strengthening my marriage, and developing some of the strongest friendships I have ever had.

I am truly blessed, and fortunate to have been given the opportunities to grow and thrive in my life and my art.