Holly Hobbie Obsession

I became obsessed with Holly Hobbie (classic) in the 1970's.  Here I am in October of '77 in my favorite shirt!!!

One reason I loved Holly was that she represented everything I wasn't and couldn't have - a perfect life and always a smile on her face. 

Now that I am older I can see that I was looking for the BUDDHA in Holly - their philosophies are really quite the same!

Here is another shot from '76 (note I have attempted to cut my hair so that it would look like my photo from '75 (I was very unsuccessful)!  This shirt my mom made from fabric we got at the local Ben Franklin 5 & Dime - note the bicentennial theme and patchwork pattern - delicious!  It is my goal in life to find this exact fabric! 

I still sinfully covet the entire Holly Hobbie bedroom linens and curtains collections - Blue Girl to be exact - the one with the canopy - to go with the Princess bedroom I never had . . . if wishes were stars!

I made my own birthday cake that year (even though my Mom was a cake decorator) - a Raggedy Ann (they must not have had the Holly Hobbie cake pan yet!) . . . using the star tip cake decorator - note the PEPSI bottle (I was addicted until 2000) bottle, but I am now a Diet Coke girl, less calories!

Have a Happy Holly Day!

For Art's Sake,